Three Ideas to Use Social Media to Make Shopping More Fun for Couples


I’m here in Florida on vacation, only I’m sitting in Talbots watching my wife shop.  So while I’m on the “man” bench, here are three ways stores can use social media to make shopping more fun for couples.


Like a lot of guys, I’m not the biggest fan of helping my wife shop for clothes.  And neither, frankly, are all the other guys sitting here looking at me type.  We’re bored.  A store that could go out of their way to do something for us would get a lot of kudos and repeat trips.  Here’s an idea.  Use Foursquare or Yelp to give specials targeted to us folk who aren’t your normal customers.  Work with a nearby restaurant to give a special to the people who “endured” the experience.  It would give those of us a reward for shopping with our spouses and leave us with a better feeling about your store.  Better feelings make it more likely both me and my wife come back.  Everyone’s a winner.


I can tell you that all the guys here would love to be doing something other than sitting on a bench.  Use Twitter or email to create games we can play while our partners shop.  A treasure hunt or a timed special to shop for a deeply discounted deal would add some fun for all of us.  You can even create multiday contests that force us to come back multiple times.  How great would it be to see husbands dragging wives to your store to complete a game you created.


I’m sitting near the door here at Talbots and can see the couples coming in.  The guys all look like the dog who got caught while digging in the trash.  Not happy.  Use social media to create a partner special for couples checking in to your store.  This will make the couples feel like a team.  Couples can only get the discount when they work together.  Giving the guy something else to do besides holding a purse makes the experience better for the guy, which makes it better for everyone.

You see, shopping doesn’t have to be a bad experience for couples.  By using social media to give partner specials, create games, and give couples incentives to shop at your store.  And making shopping a fun experience for everyone will only increase the likelihood that those couples will visit your store again and again.  You can stop drooling now.

Well here comes my wife.  Time to go.  I hope this helps you out.


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