Five Things that Empire Avenue Does that Makes My Social Media Better

Sometimes in life, you get the rare opportunity to see things flourish right before your eyes.  You may not be the first to

Empire Avenue can help you improve your social media

notice that it’s happening, but you are one of those lucky few who catch a glimpse right before everyone else does and realize it.  That’s a bit how I feel about Empire Avenue.  Empire Avenue is the newest, greatest tool to help you with your social media.  Don’t believe me?  Read this, and this, and this.

Now those articles are interesting, but what I wanted to explain to you is more personal.  I want to share with you five things Empire Avenue does to make my social media efforts better.


I’m not going to lie.  With social media, some people naturally do it and some don’t.  Put me in the don’t category.  Oh, I tweet, and post, and Facebook, and LinkedIn, but it can definitely be a chore.  It’s not that I don’t see the value, but I just don’t think my life is that interesting all the time.

It’s still not, but Empire Avenue has given me a different outlook.  You see, for social media to be effective, it needs consistent nurturing.  It’s a bit like a plant.  If you nurture your plants they’ll grow, if you don’t they’ll die.   The big difference is you won’t see your social media dying, it just will.  Until now.  Empire Avenue works the same way the stock market does. You get bought and sold based on your social media.  You neglect it and you will lose investors, take care of it and you’ll thrive.  And let me tell you, seeing yourself be bought and sold is a powerful motivator to make sure you do your social media work.


In order to be have a powerful social media presence, you need to have some diversity.  You might be a Twitter machine, adding new tweets every few minutes.  That doesn’t mean you have a strong social media network.  Twitter is only one part.  What about Facebook?  YouTube?  Your Blog?  To have a strong social media network, you gotta update these as well.

Empire Avenue helps you out with this.  You see, Empire Avenue grades you on each individual network you use.  A poor grade in one area will most certainly hurt your total score and make people think twice about investing in you.  I know because my YouTube score has been like an anchor.  Letting me see that, however, has shown me exactly how to improve and, while my YouTube is still an anchor, its a much smaller one than it was.


Here’s something to think about.  How many people do you follow with your social media, or who follow you, who don’t use it at all?  It’s a question you really don’t think about, but you should.  Imagine replacing one of your followers with one who is engaged?  It could make a huge difference in your social media efforts.

Empire Avenue opened my eyes up to this and made me a bit more critical who I follow and who’s following me.  I hate to be rude, but as the song says “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”  Social media is all about interaction and activity.  If your not interacting and not active in my network, you’re gone (sorry Mom).


Before I joined Empire Avenue, my network was pretty bland.  I had very few people from outside my home city (Denver), or

How good is your Twitter network?

Colorado.  What I didn’t realize what that just because someone doesn’t live in your city doesn’t mean they can’t help your network.

Empire Avenue opened my eyes.  Before long I was exchanging tweets with Ford Motor Company’s Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager, Scott Monty.  I was talking social media strategy with professionals from Canada, Venezuela, and Europe.  These folks may not be local, but they are helping me become a better PR and Social Media strategist.  Thank you, Empire Avenue.


Let me ask you this, when was the last time you got up early to check on how your social media network was doing?  I know some of you always do this, but for the other 95% of us, social media updating can be difficult.  Creating meaningful content for social media is not easy, particularly for a business, but it has to be done.  So how does Empire Avenue help?

Well, because your worth on Empire Avenue is directly related to your social media network, you gotta update.  That little carrot is actually just the thing many people need.  I know it is for me.  When I see my stock dropping, I look around and try to find something that I can do to make my social media network more valuable.  But that’s exactly the mindset you need in order to have a strong social network.  Empire Avenue helps you do that.

Now I’m not here to tell you that Empire Avenue will automatically transform your social media network into a powerhouse overnight.  You still have to work at it.  All I’m saying is that by using Empire Avenue, I been able to tweak my network so that it works harder for me.  And that’s really what you want from your social media network, isn’t it.

Yeah I thought so.  Just remember to let me know when you join so I can buy some stock in you.

UPDATE:  I’ve had some folks tell me that I should add my Empire Avenue ticker symbol and a badge.  Here you go.  Buy me at (e)DADEVOL .

*(If you’re interested in hiring me you can go here to access my portfolio.)